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The FORBIO experiment

“The FORBIO experiment”

News !

FORBIO in Bosrevue

Thomas published a paper about evaluating tree shape and quality in young mixed plantations (the Zedelgem FORBIO site) in Bosrevue.

FORBIO paper in PLOS One

Mathias published the results of his study on the interactive effects of diversity and environmental stress (drought) in PLoS ONE. He studied the multitrophic interactions between oak, powdery mildew and ladybirds in the field (FORBIO Zedelgem) and in a lab experiment.

FORBIO Climate PhD meeting

On April 7, the PhD students working within the FORBIO Climate project met in Gontrode for their biannual meeting. Sumitra, Masud, Kristoffel and Rita presented and discussed their research on tree diversity. The final PhD meeting of the project will be in Liège in September.

Startersdag 2017

On Friday March 24, two PhD and five Master students presented their forest and nature research in Ghent. Stef and Thomas compared growth in mixed and monoculture stands for mature forests (Flemish Forest Inventory) and young plantations (FORBIO). Laura and Lieselotte presented their research on the effects of drought in mixtures vs. monocultures for red oak (TREEWEB) and beech (Observatory Flanders). Frederik looked at functional tree traits in young mixed plantations (FORBIO). Pieter talked about the effect of winter feeding on the reproduction success of great and blue tit (TREEWEB), and Sumitra showed how differences in epigenetics (caused by differences in temperature) can affect the phenology of trees (FORBIO Climate).

FORBIO Hechtel-Eksel infosheet

Thomas made an infosheet about the Hechtel-Eksel FORBIO site: pdf.

treediv|Belgium newsletter 2016

All treediv|Belgium news from 2016 can be found in the newsletter.

New experiment planted!

On February 17, UGent planted - with a lot of volunteers - a climate forest in Melle. The trees were planted following the Nelder Wheel design in both monoculture and mixed plots to investigate the effects of tree diversity and density on tree growth and carbon sequestration. We called the experiment ‘TWIG’: Tree Wheels In Geerbos.

5th annual FORBIO meeting

On February 16, the fifth annual FORBIO meeting was organized at BELSPO in Brussels. Thomas, Bjorn, Hans, and Bram presented their research results. We discussed the ongoing research and new ideas, and the management of the experimental sites.

NAEM 2017

Bram presented the results of his research on tree diversity and light transmittance to the understory in the TREEWEB platform at the NAEM in Lunteren.

Survey results in Bosrevue and Silva Belgica

Rita’s research on the adaptive capacity of forest owners and managers to climate change has been recently highlighted in Bosrevue and Silva Belgica. It describes the main findings of the survey carried out among forest stakeholders in Belgium during 2015. You can read the Dutch text online.

NSABS 2017

On 7 February 2017, Thomas and Rita took part in the 22nd National Symposium for Applied Biological Sciences (NSABS), in Leuven, where they presented their research to a broad audience of PhD students in the field of applied biological sciences. Rita won the prize for “outstanding presentation” in ‘Environment and Agriculture’ topic.

TreeDivNet meeting 2017

At the 7th TreeDivNet meeting, Thomas presented the approach he used in the FORBIO experiment to partition diversity effects on biomass production. We also visited the ORPHEE experiment near Bordeaux.