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The FORBIO experiment

“The FORBIO experiment”

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new WOP paper

Astrid studied tree-ring width and density variation in relation to climate and biomass increment in the Wallonian Observatory Platform. Her paper got accepted in Dendrochronologia.


Thomas defended his PhD on the FORBIO and IDENT-Macomer experiments in Leuven on February 14. He studied the effects of tree species diversity on early-stage forest dynamics.

replanting in TWIG

On February 8, saplings that had died in the TWIG experiment in 2017 (mostly beech) were replaced by new saplings.

TreeDivNet review on tree performance

Jake Grossman et al. published a review on tree diversity effects on tree damage and tree performance in the TreeDivNet experiments, including results from FORBIO.

paper in Forest Policy and Economics

Rita compared how forest owners and managers across Europe perceive their role in adapting forest management to climate change.

She found that foresters are strongly aware of climate change and are concerned about its impacts. Yet, this awareness has not been translated into tangible adaptation actions. Severely damaging events, such as windstorms, fires and pest outbreaks, present relevant opportunities to engage people with climate change and encourage action.

TREEWEB seedling experiment published in Forests

Stefanie studied how seedbed conditions (the forest floor and soil) affect the establishment and performance of seedlings of pedunculate oak, beech and red oak.

Seed quality was an important determinant for the success of natural regeneration. Creating bare mineral soil was not enough to promote seedling establishment and performance, and the effects of the forest floor were limited in our forests.

2017 newsletter

All treediv|Belgium news from 2017 can be found in the newsletter.

BES meeting Ecology Across Borders

In December, about 1600 researchers gathered in Gent for the annual BES meeting.

Bram presented a poster on the effects of tree species identity and diversity on light transmittance in the TREEWEB platform. Irene talked about her leaf herbivory project in the TREEWEB platform. Rita talked about her research on the importance of tree diversity in tree vitality and tree growth responses to drought. Kris and Thomas organized a post-conference excursion to the Zedelgem site of the FORBIO experiment.